finding it. doing it. succeeding with it.

We all want to find a passion. something that keeps us going, that motivates us to get up every morning and strive for success.. i am a great believer in following your dreams especially if you picture yourself doing this particular passions for the rest of your life, you should not let anything hold you back.

I feel that people who are passionate and ambitious about their work are the most constructive and productive employees. they want to do the job, therefore it isn’t a chore, it is a love.

Ambition is not a dirty word. either is faith. having unquestionable faith in your abilities and your dream is very questionable to the older generations. ambition is interrogated, pulled apart and turned into realism when this happens to an individual who wants nothing more than faith and support. it is soul destroying, especially when it is from a family member or close friends. all artists want is to be absorbed in their work and be supported by family and friends. when their work, ambition, drive or decision making is questioned, it feels life their heart and faith is ripped apart.

Yes this makes me cry sometimes, but what it actually evokes is fear. The fear that I won’t be able to say I TOLD YOU SO. That kind of fear is the worst because it kills your hope for a better life, your ambition in success and faith in yourself. but the key is to use that pain, anxiety, fear and failure into your passion. if you have a passion for the arts,, use it in your work, if you have a passion for health, sciences and maths, use it in your studies. use it as motivation. but always focus on your goals.

I am lucky. I have found my purpose. I found it when I was six years old. but unlike that dance moms girls or younger actors, I have to do it all alone. I hope. That’s all i can do, hope and work. I want to be an actress. I have to be an actress. I feel like I physically have no choice but to do this job. I just know I will look back on my life and wish and question what if?

I hope this gives others the motivation to keep going, no matter your dreams, or whether you are searching for them.



xx la


so far… 18 // Aussie// a lover of all things travel, university, dance, acting and photography.

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