a new look // a new beginning

This new phase in my blogging story is going to be a slow and persistent process. I will be finishing my last essays and assessments for my first semester at University, and then I am going to continue writing.

cropped-im-laura-alice.pngI am stating for the record that this new stage in my blog will be creative, inspiring and continuous. I will write my blog. I will read more. I will write my books and screenplays. I will make more videos. I will collaborate, design, engage and create. I will provide myself with endless options and opportunities to be faithful to my true talent; creative insight. I will buy more. Listen more. Love more. Laugh more.

But most of I will seek my purpose by creating my future.


Please join me in this journey, and maybe you will find your purpose on the way

xxx La


so far… 18 // Aussie// a lover of all things travel, university, dance, acting and photography.

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