autumn. a time of change

Well hello again. It has been awhile. I’m so sorry. I really wanted to bury myself into my first semester of university before I continue this journey. I will be writing from now on every day.


I thought it was appropriate to talk about Autumn as we are about to enter winter, here in Australia and it is a time of change.


I love autumn. Always have and always will. I think it is the most beautiful of all the seasons. The leaves change and fall down to the ground leaving a beautiful and empty skeleton. A lot of people like autumn because it means Halloween or just pretty colours or just the winter clothing, fires, pumpkin spice lattes, and candles. I love all of that also, but I love it because it is the time where we as human beings find beauty in death. I know that slightly morbid but it is true. Death turning into new life.


This is paramount in my life as my beautiful aunty and my second mother figure died in autumn. She loved autumn also. How fitting? That she would be born and die in her favourite time of year.


I love it. It is colourful, just before the leaves fall and die. I think it is message for us as humans that if nature can leave this world in such a beautiful way, leaving joy and colour, we can too.


I think change is the most important thing to experience as humans. We need to be thrown into a situation where we have to fend for ourselves. To create friendships with people who are strangers, to learn, to trust, to throw yourself into a new situation.


This has made me think that change is exactly what I need. I have experienced situations in the past two to three years where I had to learn to trust myself, to be independent and be kind at all times. I found that that is what I want in life. I need to be changed, to be stimulated, to be challenged to be my best self.


So, what I have done to prepare. Nothing. I have applied to go to a different university. But apart from that I have dreams that are not realistic. I would have to have a lot of money and time to prepare, buy and organise this dream. What this dream? To move out in my own place, sharing, of course, to study, graduate, study in England, do my masters and have my dream career. While doing that I want to blog, to film videos, to write a book (which I have started) and write a screenplay (which I have started planning.) Why am I writing this down and publishing this? Because I feel like this will force me to make this a reality. Stating it for the record, as such. I want to challenge myself and change for the better. I feel like I don’t know myself well enough yet.

What are your dreams? Do you fear change?

Are you listening? Is anyone out there?


DISCLAIMER: All of these photos are mine 🙂

so far… 18 // Aussie// a lover of all things travel, university, dance, acting and photography.

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