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La Belle et la Bete


“A Tale as Old as Time”


As a child, “my princess” was Belle. She was the princess who looked like me and therefore, automatically, I identified with her. She was smart, really intelligent, and I found that far more interesting than finding a prince. I’m not saying that finding love is not important, but the thing that I love about Belle, is that she is different and knows exactly who she is. She wants to learn, to experience, to read, “to have adventure”, “for someone to understand”, “she wants so much more than they’ve got planned.” She never tries to fit in, which is exactly what I was, and still am, like in many aspects of my life.


So, when the first advertisements of the 2017 version of the film came out, I jumped around in excitement. I couldn’t believe that the movie industry didn’t wait for me to audition. Belle has always been a role I would love to play, since I was four years old, miming and reciting the film in my living room.

However, I went and saw that film with my pal Paris, who holds the same amount of appreciation for the film and story as I do. As we sat there, my smile never left my face. I was singing along, I was dancing and I was intrigued.


The new storyline is essential and beautiful. It creates more context and meaning to a story in which we leave the cinema always wanting to know more. Did they get married? How many children? Any pets? How did they keep their relationship interesting? After all of that, what else is there?


The casting was elegant.

Even though I am seething with jealousy, Emma Watson was perfect. She made Bella strong and intelligent and incredibly relatable. She told the story and expressed what Belle represents; faith. Dan Stevens is a beautiful actor in general, but he showed great talent when he brought the beast to life. The beast was charming and witty. He had a personality which was perfect. The rest of the cast, intermingling with these two, created JOY. Ewan McGregor, was Perfecto, as Lumiere. Lumiere is one o my favourite non-human characters! But my favourite extra cast member had to be Emma Thompson who just brought a supreme elegance and warmth into her performance of Mrs Potts. The Castle feels like it is a family, which is really appealing as an audience, outsider, observer or as Belle.


The music, made me cry, as Disney music always does, the story made me happy and cry, the dancing made me giddy and cry, the love made me envious and cry, and the anger made me passionate, oh and cry. I’m emotional when it comes to films, music and all similiar mediums. It was just loverly, and great workout for my emotional state.


It was everything.

Thank you Disney, you have done it again. And thank you Emma, you made me fall in love with the importance of being strong again!!!

If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favour, and buy, rent this movie. You won’t regret it.

It’s a 10/10.


What was your Disney princess?


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