My Sick Day Essentials

After one semester of University, My body has become run down. I have a cold. I have a cough, sniffles and a fever.So, I thought it would be appropriate to show you my go-to essentials when I feel sick, what I wear and what I do.


downloadHoney and Lemon Tea: 1 Lemon, juiced; 1-2 teaspoons of honey and hot water. This is amazing for soothing the throat and keeping it lubricated. When we get a cold we have dry throats, that fill with mucus and drippy noses. So the only thing to do is to keep your fluids up. This is the best drink to have. After you have one of these have a coffee or peppermint tea and, especially, water. These are essential for keeping the throat lubricated. KEEP HYDRATED.

F2D_800Lemsip: If you like the idea of the honey and lemon tea and don’t like taking cough syrup or taking tablets, this is for you. Lemsip is a lemon drink that has paracetamol in it to add a medication to it. It is a sachet that is blended with hot water. The only downside is that you can only have two a day; one in the morning and one at night, otherwise you will overdose 😂.

superthumbSoup: Soup is AMAZING. It keeps the fluids up and provides vitamins and nutrients that you need when you are fighting these antibodies that give you drippy noses. As I am writing this I am watching my mum make Pea and Ham soup!! Yass! It is also comfort food. When you feel like crap, you need to be comforted by warm goodness. It is a great meal to live on. You could have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Chilli and Wasabi: These are amazing spices and sauces to add to your food, not just for flavouring but also to clear the sinuses. Next time you have sushi, put a lot of wasabi on it and feel the sinuses clear.


Vapor-Rub: Vapor Rub is the best thing God invented for people who have colds, blocked noses and fevers. The scent of this amazing. It is pure relief. What I do when I use it, I apply the rub on my chest, neck, under my nose and sometimes on my stomach. I do this before bed. Some people also put it on their feet and their wrists. It clears the sinuses

Aromatherapy: Having essential oils steam around your room or house, is another great way to clear the sinuses. According to the “Perfect Potion: The Petite Guide to Aromatherapy”, for cold/flu you should add tea-tree, lemon, lavender and peppermint essential oils to your diffuser to receive the perfect blend and scents that will clear your sinuses. It works Gang!



Comfy Outfit: Well this is self-explanatory. Keep cosy, warm and comfortable. Hair up, or down; trackies, shorts or leggings; jumpers or t-shirts; socks, bare feet or slippers. It is up to you. Whether you are in bed or on the couch; KEEP COMFORTABLE. I like wearing trackies when I first get sick. But after a while, I feel like if I dress up, and look kinda presentable, I won’t feel like shit. It never works though 😂.


When I get sick I need to have things to do otherwise I just get depressed. When you get sick, it is the perfect excuse and opportunity for you to NETFLIX AND CHILL, MOVIE MARATHON, BINGE WATCH SERIES, PLAY GAMES, READ or even DO SOME WORK. I have been loving;

  • Sims 4- I made a new family and house
  • Broadchurch- OMG Can we talk about series 3?
  • Sherlock- AMAZEBALLS AND MAN CRUSH! #cumberbitch
  • Disney Marathon- “And at last I see the light”
  • Harry Potter Marathon- “Doby is free elf”
  • Catching up on Youtube- Zoella and Kalyn Nicholson are my faves at the mo
  • Homework: Yeah probs not
  • Blogging: 😉
  • Spotify- a new playlist of some oldies but goodies:

I hope you liked this blog post!

What are some of your essentials for sick days?

Until next time…


DISCLAIMER: Pictures are from We Heart It. Why? My camera was flat 😂.

so far… 18 // Aussie// a lover of all things travel, university, dance, acting and photography.

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