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My Desk//Study Essentials



MacBook Air 13”: My computer is my love and my life. I do everything on this baby, from writing my blog posts to editing photos to watching Netflix to writing essays to playing Sims 4 (yes okay I’m obsessed). If you don’t have a laptop, I really recommend investing in one.

Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse: I find using the Apple Bluetooth mouse and keyboard far easier than just the keypad on the laptop. They are also really easy to carry around to and from uni. I also think that they are great when you have a long slog of library lockdown during exam/assessment time. It allows you to keep the screen away from your face and you don’t start getting sore and tired eyes.

Headphones: Necessary when you are listening to your tunes during study time. I have a movie score playlist that I use during the study and hardcore essay writing (below). I also, weirdly, listen to Stephen Fry read Harry Potter. I bought all seven audiobooks so I have them on constant repeat. I think I know the story as well as J.K Rowling 🙂

Cute Stationary: To keep your notes pretty and keep you interested. I love cute notebooks and pencil cases from Typo. They also create a conversation starter.

Post it Notes: NECESSARY!

Sharpie Highlighters: “When the teacher says highlight everything you don’t know; * highlights whole page”




imagesBody Shop Coconut Lipbalm: It’s important and a great procrastination technique to keep the lips moisturised. This particular lip balm is awesome for keeping the lips “moist” and it tastes really nice.


Models Prefer Blush Perfume: Keep yourself smelling nice in case someone important crashes your study time and after you have come back from the bathroom etc

Models Prefer Blush Hand Lotion: Ffor you hands to smell nice.


Edownloadxtra Gum: When you don’t want to go buy that $13 dollar sandwhich or you just ate but your still in the mood to eat, chew gum. I find it keeps the brain focused on the task at hand. Spearmint is my favourite.




IMG_8295Cute Mug: I love having a cute mug to have my choice of beverage in to keep my aesthetic taste alive 🙂 My dream is to own really cute mugs, so many that it will take a while to choose the perfect one for my mood that day.



Coffee & Tea


Self explanatory 🙂

I love having inspirational pictures of study areas and outfit choices around me as well as motivational quotes. Here are some of my faourites.


Feature Content

MacBook Air 13”: https://www.apple.com/au/macbook-air/

Bluetooth Keyboard: https://www.apple.com/au/shop/product/MQ052ZA/A/magic-keyboard-with-numeric-keypad-us-english?fnode=4c

Mouse: https://www.apple.com/au/shop/product/MLA02/magic-mouse-2?fnode=4c

Headphones: http://cottonon.com/AU/p/typo/printed-earphones/9350486591846.html?region=AU#prefn1=countrySpecificMarkets&pmin=0&sz=48&start=97&prefv1=AU&region=AU

Post it Notes: http://www.post-it.com.au/3M/en_AU/post-it-au/?WT.mc_id=www.post-it.com.au

Sharpie Highlighters: http://www.sharpie.com/en-US/sharpie-products/highlighters/sharpie-blade-highlighter-sp-00039–1

Cute Mug: http://cottonon.com/AU/shop-by-brand/typo/eating-drinking/hot-drinking/?prefn1=countrySpecificMarkets&pmin=0&prefv1=AU&region=AU#prefn1=countrySpecificMarkets&pmin=0&sz=48&start=0&prefv1=AU&region=AU

Some pictures are from WE HEART IT

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