Coffee and Dancing

A vlog of the stories that occurred during my second week of uni! xxx ✩Last Video: Mad's Instagram: @madsryaan Gaby's Instagram: @g.rabbs_ -------- FEATURED CONTENT: ✩CAMERA: canon 1300D ✩DRESS: Target ---------- Follow me! ✩INSTAGRAM: @imlauraalice_ ✩FACEBOOK: @imlauraalice ✩TUMBLR: ✩WEHEARTIT: ✩TWITTER: @imlauraalice ✩SNAPCHAT: LACE28 ✩BUSINESS INQUIRIES: ✩YOUTUBE:  


GIRLS NIGHT IN // first vlog

12.2.2017 Vlog of a girls night in with my friend Gaby. My first vlog! DISCLAIMER: Half way through the footage is a little blurry but it clears. I just started using a smaller vlogging camera, so I am still getting used to it! ✩Last Video: -------- FEATURED CONTENT: ✩CAMERA: canon 1300D ✩JOURNAL: ✩MAKE-UP… Continue reading GIRLS NIGHT IN // first vlog


first youtube video

getting to know me tag// What is your middle name?  Alice What is your favourite color? Green Who was your first best friend? Ruby How tall are you? 1.64 Cats or Dogs? dogs Funniest moment throughout School? watch the video 😉 How many countries have you visited? 1 Are you in/gone to college? About to… Continue reading first youtube video